Everyday shortcuts

Page and text navigation are essential to be a fast, and hopefully productive, pc user. Let us start with some basics.

Webpage/file manager navigation

Alt-Left/Right Arrows to go back/forward in history
Backspace to go back

Alt-Space-C is a faster/lazier Alt-F4 Alt-Space-X to maximize window
Alt-Space-N to minimize window

Application specific shortcuts

In google:
Tab then Up/Down Arrows to toggle result selection.
Enter to follow the page.

In most browsers:
Ctrl-T to open new tab
Ctrl-W to close tab
Ctrl-Shift-T to reopen closed tab
Ctrl-Shift-R or Ctrl-F5 to refresh page and clear cache

Text navigation

Ctrl-Left/Right Arrows to move cursor one word at a time
Ctrl-Backspace/Delete to delete one word at a time

Combination of arrows in combination with the keys above them on your keyboard makes mouseless text selection a piece of cake.

PS. a more developer-focused productivity article will come